Chemical Free Water Treatment

Eliminate Scale, Corrosion,

and Biological Concerns

Scale Free Systems
"Your Partner in a Sustainable
Water Treatment Program"

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Scale Free Systems offers chemical free solutions to scaling, corrosion, and bacterial control in heat transfer equipment by treating the equipment, not the water, without using magnets, eletrical wiring, coils, etc..

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What is the determining factor of value in your facility with a water treatment program? Is it having a chemical free program, the cost of implementation, water cost, energy cost, maintenance, equipment depreciation, capital expenditures, or safety?

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The smartest way to maximize the performance of your chillers, cooling towers, condensers and boilers is to proactively maintain them. The Scale Free Systems PerformanceMax® Interactive Service program is a customized Learn More 

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Utilizing the resource-efficient Scale Free System on your heat exchange equipment will immediately reduce the environmental footprint of a facility by eliminating toxic water treatment chemicals.

Chemical Free Water Treatment

The New Wave In Sustainable Water Treatment. Scale Free Systems delivers Chemical Free Solutions for a Better Environment. Request product information and quote for your facility.

  • Sustainable Water Treatment
  • Proven and Reliable
  • Meeh Family of Companies

Scale Free Systems is fast becoming the clear choice of industrial owners and operators for sustainable water treatment in their facilities. Our low maintenance, environmentally friendly, non-chemical water treatment service utilizes the principles of physics, rather than chemistry, to reduce energy and water consumption in water cooled heat transfer systems.

Scale Free Systems is an environmentally responsible, safe, alternative for treating condenser water and is environmentally friendly downstream with no harmful by-products. Scale Free Systems has provided environmentally responsible water solutions for over 20 years with the sole intent of giving building owners and facility managers an alternative for providing operational savings and longer equipment life while also contributing to a more sustainable future.

Our system is proven and reliable for all heat transfer systems including:

  • Cooling Towers
  • Chillers
  • Evaporative Condensers
  • Steam Boilers
  • Heat Exchangers
Scale Free Systems has a proven track record of success and has garnered the respect and praise of our customers who have installed the system on their equipment. We will always strive to provide our customers the best water treatment program possible. Scale Free Systems is currently installed in all types of industries (food, hospitality, healthcare, educational and commercial/industrial) around the world.

The Meeh Family of Companies consists of four independent, yet synergistic, companies in the construction industry.  

RF Meeh Company is our Mechanical, HVAC and Sheet Metal contracting company focusing on new, renovation and retrofit construction.  

Meeh Climate Service (MC Service) services owner occupied buildings for HVAC, Boiler/Chiller and Building Automation Services for Maintenance, Service and 24 Hour Emergency response.  

Scale Free Systems is a Green Energy Solutions provider in the non-chemical water treatment industry for all heat transfer equipment including cooling towers, boilers, chillers and condensers.  

MJ Products is a distributor and installer of toilet partitions, toilet accessories, and lockers. We serve the construction market on new construction as well as renovation projects.

Scale, Biological and Corrosion Control
Water Use Savings
Energy Use Savings
Eliminate Chemicals
Operational Efficiency / OPEX Reduction

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