Earn LEED Points For New Construction or Existing Facilities

Scale Free Systems Installation Can Earn You LEED Points

The Scale Free System is your best choice for reliable and sustainable water treatment. A highly effective, chemical-free application, Scale Free increases operational efficiency, prevents and reverses scale formation, halts corrosion and prevents microbial growth for all of your heat transfer systems.

Implementation of a Scale Free System water treatment program can contribute significantly to the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Green Building certification™. LEED is the nationally accepted benchmark for green design, construction, and operation. 

The Scale Free System can earn LEED points for both new construction and existing buildings by maximizing energy efficiency and water conservation without the use of harmful chemicals. This water treatment program ends regulatory oversight, health and safety concerns, and liability issues. Implementation of Scale Free will mitigate the risk of accidental chemical spills, chronic chemical exposure for your employees and bio-accumulation of persistent chemicals in the food chain.


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"The system works great.  The downtime we used to have has gone away!"
Dave Sweetman
The Alton Telegrapher

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