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Prevent Scale BuildupBy preventing the buildup of scale and not allowing for bacterial growth and preventing corrosion to equipment, there are automatic, immediate returns on energy consumption and water usage.  The Scale Free Systems componentry inherently increases operational efficiency as well.  When one considers the enormous cost of equipment, having a partner who can extend the life of the equipment is an invaluable resource.  Here is what our customers typically experience with and SFS installation:

  • Increases in operational efficiency
  • Reduction in water usage and energy costs
  • Extending the life of equipment
  • Eliminates costs associated with chemical storage, dangerous handling, and disposal
  • Typical payback period of 18 months or less
  • Typical water cost savings of 8% to 25%
  • Typical energy savings of 3% to 18%
  • Savings on sewer discharge fees
  • Eliminate environmental fees and licenses

Scale Free Systems would, at no cost to you, be happy to perform a complete payback analysis on your current system. 

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"The system works great.  The downtime we used to have has gone away!"
Dave Sweetman
The Alton Telegrapher

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