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January 9, 2014       
Contact:  AJ Ford          

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Robert A. Young Federal Building Going “Green” With Non-Chemical Water Treatment

GSA has awarded Scale Free Systems, Inc. a wholly owned subsidiary of RF Meeh Company, a new contract to install their non-chemical water treatment system at the Robert A. Young (RAY) Federal Building in downtown St. Louis.   The GSA is replacing two cooling towers at the RAY Bldg. which will bring the total HVAC condenser water cooling tower capacity to 3,900 tons.  Scale Free Systems will be installed on all of the condenser water equipment to protect the equipment from scale, corrosion and biological contamination.  The equipment in the system includes three cooling towers (6,850 GPM), three chillers (1,200 tons each), one multi-stack chiller (300 tons) and one plate and frame heat exchanger.

Based on initial statistical analysis of existing water and energy consumption data, Scale Free will optimize the building’s operational efficiency and reduce its total water and energy consumption over the existing chemical water treatment program currently in place.

"Our company is delighted to help raise the bar for superior energy efficiency in all commercial buildings across the country," said Bob Hanneken, Scale Free Systems Vice-President. "We really appreciate the opportunity from GSA and look forward to continued collaboration to support sustainable efforts at the federal level."


The Scale Free System (SFS) is an environmentally responsible, “green” alternative to water treatment preventing and reversing scale formation, preventing corrosion and biological contamination for all heat transfer systems without the use of chemicals.  SFS’s cost-effective, unique solution reduces overall maintenance time and costs versus costs associated with chemically treated heat transfer systems.  SFS will extend the life and improve the efficiency of heat exchange equipment.  Users see significant water and energy use savings with the implementation of SFS making the use of blow-down water a safe, viable option for campus irrigation or downstream spillways. 

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